Which heels for which morphology?

Are you small and want to gain height? Or do you just want to enhance your look? Choosing heels should not be done lightly. The different heel models are not suitable for every body type. Here are a few important points to know before choosing one.

Heels for plus sizes

Heels are an essential fashion device. They must be well chosen like clothes. In this case, when choosing heels, you have to consider your shape. Indeed, they must adapt to your morphology to perfect your style. For those who have a round shape, anything goes. These tall women have the chance to wear heels of all models without looking stilted. So you can wear wedge heels, square heels and stiletto heels. Comfortable and practical, wedge heels are perfect for round legs. This type of heel is best for those who are not good at wearing high, pointed heels. Square heels are ideal for those who want to add a touch of femininity to their outfit. To slim your ankle and have shapely legs, it is best to opt for stiletto heels.

The heels adapted to small women

For smaller women, it is advisable to favour heels that reinforce their shape. Square heels, platform sandals and thin heels are your best allies. Square heels are ideal for women who want to accentuate their looks. When it comes to height, always choose heels of 4 to 5 cm. These will make your feet more comfortable and you won't have trouble walking. You are also allowed to wear heels between 5 and 10 cm high. Provided that you are already used to walking in them. For voluptuous women, it is ideal to choose pointed heels to give your morphology a boost. If you want to be super sexy, this heel model is just what you need.

The ideal heels for those who are in shape

For those with a generous figure, you need to choose heels to stand out. With a dreamy morphology, take advantage of thin heels and pumps. Pumps are timeless and go well with any style. For this model, avoid wearing very high heels. The normal height is between 6 and 8 cm. To walk like a star in the evenings, don't hesitate to wear high heels. It should be noted that this type of heel is designed for people who normally wear high heels.
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