Nike Air Max: the most iconic history of basketball

Those born at the end of the 1970s have experienced the unprecedented trend that the Nike brand has shown. L'air max competes with the most fashionable sneakers despite its difficulty in entering the world of basketball fans. From the appearance of the first edition of the air max in 1987, this silhouette continues to win the hearts of sneaker fans.

History of the air max: the producer Nike never ceases to impress his fans

For more than thirty years, the first air max range was presented by the American manufacturer Nike. This brand, which is known to this day for its collaboration with world-renowned athletes, has been able to stand out from its competitors by offering an iconic pair of shoes inspired by a manufacturer's design at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. This is the air max, which was invented by Tinker Hatfield. This pioneering architect of the air max 1987 adds a personal touch by putting air technology on the outside of the soles for the first time. The air max was quickly adopted in the world of basketball, seducing the hearts of fans and sneaker enthusiasts and is also appreciated in the field of running.

The Air max: a sneaker with a controversial design

Quite different from the fashionable sneakers of the time and the exclusive production of the Nike brand, the history of the Nike Air Max has caused so much controversy. The release of the pair of the air max one sparked debate in the world of basketball. Nike, the great reference in sneaker production even took a long time to accept this first version. Perhaps one of the most discussed sneakers in the world of dunk sports, the air max, in particular, the air max 87 is surely the most iconic and mythical model in the history of basketball.

Air max still at the forefront of trends

From the consecration, to the revolution to the confirmation of its success, air max maintains its reputation and it remains the mythical and legendary production in the world of sport, especially basketball. The production of this sneaker is still going on. The last three versions of the Nike l'air max are of course in the competition of the styles most envied by the public: air max 95, air max 97 and the air max 270 (2018). While the older models attract collectors, the newer versions promise a whole new style that is in tune with the latest trends.
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