Covid 19 : comment le masque de protection est devenu un véritable accessoire de mode !

Social marker since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, the protective mask easily becomes a fashion device. As it has to be worn on a daily basis, fashion designers have not failed to spoil fashionistas. Thousands of people around the world are adapting to this restrictive rule, while enjoying an original look every day.

Incredible daily turnover

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, most continents now have strict health regulations. For both sick and healthy people, the wearing of masks is compulsory. As the health authorities indicate that masks should be changed every 3 hours at the most, only one person needs 5 pieces of this protection on average every 24 hours. Clothing specialists have taken this opportunity to create trendy designs. Protective masks made of fabric are now becoming a fashionable device that beautifies everyone's face. A fashionable protective mask collection continues to appeal to thousands of people even in the 4ᵉ quarter of the year 2020.

A protection tool that is easy to personalise

While the masks used by health professionals were the most sought-after at the beginning of the pandemic, the stock held by pharmacies and health equipment dealers could not meet the daily needs of the population. At some point, even health actors encountered difficulties in supplying masks of the FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 types. The rest of the population who were not affected by the virus had to make do with tissue-based protective masks. These fashion items are available in several different colours according to individual tastes: black, white, pink, red, green, purple, etc. Even better, models decorated with printed motifs are also available. For large events, it is possible to find a protective mask fashion with shiny scales, pearls or feathers.

An inexpensive fashion device

Mask mode is available for all budgets. Based on fabric, each mask is washable. So you can reuse it at any time. When you buy, you will notice variable models at reasonable prices. A collection of personalised safety goggles will only cost you your weekly savings. Some models can be quite expensive, depending on the type of fabrics and decorative devices. However, a wide choice of masks adapted to your budget remains available on the market, at least until the official announcement of the end of Covid-19 worldwide.
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