Men’s jacket: a few tips for choosing an ultra-class model

Full of elegance and virility, the jacket is the masterpiece of the men's wardrobe. The blazer is a timeless piece that every man has in his wardrobe. It can be worn in all seasons and never goes out of fashion. Eternally updated, the jacket is a versatile garment that flatters the shape and gives an ultra classy look. It goes perfectly with a beautiful shirt. They are available in all sorts of colours, fabrics, seams, and so on.

Essential things to remember when choosing a jacket

A jacket that is too loose can be seen at first glance. A few clues will give you a clue: bulging shoulders, folds in the back, gaps in the armpits, etc. However, a perfect fit of the folds in the back is mission impossible. Even if the shoulders coincide, the jacket may not be long enough. Poorly executed cuts can be felt through the star folds at the poutine. A jacket at the waist results in less pronounced folds and a tight fit. Find the right model for you at The jacket leaves plenty of freedom of movement and is light to wear. Sleeves that are too long or too short are also often a problem. You will need to have them re-adjusted by a tailor for a few alterations.

Colours of the jacket - classy and modern at the same time

Apart from the stitching and cut, it is the colours that have the most influence on the appearance of a jacket. Favour jackets with well worked details. Indeed, black jackets immediately give an outdated look except in the case of iro mens leather jackets. This colour brings out the flattering features and cut of a jacket. Some designers manage to enhance them with a few embellishments and fantasies. Grey remains the basic colour when choosing a jacket. Neither too dull nor too accentuated, a grey jacket immediately makes an impression. Sober but classy, it's a sure value that every man should have in his wardrobe. It is also possible to explore other horizons such as mole or sand.

Buying a jacket: what should you wear it with?

Choosing a jacket is one thing, but you still need to know how to wear it. Good taste is not given to everyone and sometimes people make mistakes when it comes to harmonising the look. To avoid making mistakes, try these classy and chic combinations:
  • Iro mens leather jacket with a shirt with patterns on the collar
  • Jacket with matching check shirt
  • Jacket and hoodie with a pale tone
  • V-neck jumper with brightly coloured jacket
  • Shirt, cardigan and pale jacket
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