The blazer, a basic element of the men’s wardrobe

The Blazer comes directly from England and was originally used to distinguish itself. It was originally described as a cross-over jacket. Over the years, it has gradually evolved into a variety of styles and colours. This central element of the men's and women's wardrobe stands out from other garments with its often sparkling colour. The blazer is said to be basic because it is one of the most versatile garments.

How do you choose your blazer?

It's easy to find a good men's blazer. It is made of a material that allows your body to breathe. For example, in summer, please choose a linen or cotton blazer, as these cellulose fibres are light and brittle. And for winter, choose a blazer with a cashmere and wool or wool and silk blend because these protein fibres warm you up. A good blazer has a perfect finish. In terms of length, it is best to opt for a blazer in the middle of the hip. That way it will not compress your figure. Among other things, make sure that the sleeve of the jacket rests on the wrist bone. Your wrist should protrude beyond your shirt.

How do I wear a blazer for a trendy look?

When it comes to a blazer, you can choose from a variety of styles. For example, for a casual style, you can combine a t-shirt with your jacket, jeans and trainers. You should opt for a light-coloured T-shirt to keep the depth of your jacket. The casual-chic style is the most popular among blazer enthusiasts. For this, choose a men's blazer with a Neapolitan shoulder, a light-coloured shirt and suede shoes. For a more formal style, choose straight trousers that reach to your ankles, but don't extend beyond them. You can also encourage layering. This can be achieved by layering several pieces on top of each other. The idea is to wear a fine knit as a cardigan and give your style some depth.

What colour blazer can you choose?

The men's wardrobe often has a navy blue and grey blazer. These colours are very fashionable and can easily be combined with other shades. If you prefer bright colours, you should reserve them for your shirts, T-shirts, etc. This way, your blazer is used to tone down the warm colours. You can combine any colour with any other colour. No matter what colour your blazer is, it will never go unnoticed. To take good care of your jacket, you should take it to a dry cleaner. However, avoid making it routine, as washing it there can damage the material of your men's blazer. Use hangers to store it so that it doesn't wrinkle.
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