Choosing a shirt in the right size, the checklist

There is nothing worse than wearing an expensive shirt that doesn't fit you. To avoid making the wrong choice, find in this article a checklist of points to consider to make sure your shirt is the right size.

Check the shoulders and collar

The shoulder seam should swing over the acromion. This is the first point that should be checked before choosing a men's shirt. This step is valid for most clothes such as T-shirts, blazers, jumpers, etc. The shoulder seam should not come loose, if it does, the item is too large. So remember to choose the size below. Nothing too complicated on the collar. When buying, you should be able to close the buttons without choking. Therefore, there should be room for one or two fingers. If you can fit more, the model is too big. Conversely, if you can't fit your fingers, it's too small. You should also take into account that the shirt will shrink slightly after the first wash.

Chest and waist

It is essential that your shirt does not float on your chest. It should not be too tight either. To make sure the shirt fits your size, you should be able to put a fist between the fabric of the shirt and your chest. If you can't, it's too small. In this case, large folds will form on your chest because the shirt is too tight. To choose a men's shirt, you can use the same rule as for the chest, but this time around the waist. There should be no room to insert more than one fist between your navel and the shirt fabric. If you don't have room to put your fist in, the shirt is too small and can squeeze you. Similarly, if there is more than one fist between your belly and the fabric, the shirt is too big.

Underarms and sleeves

In order to choose the right men's shirt, it is now time to test under the arms. You should be able to pinch a piece of fabric of 1 or 2 cm maximum. If you have too much material there, it may be a matter of the armholes being too wide. It can also be caused by too much fabric on the chest and back. In this case it is important that this part is adjusted correctly. The sleeve of the shirt should be well adapted to your silhouette. Fitted shirt does not mean a moulded shirt. Again, you will have to pinch the fabric at the biceps to estimate the right size. You should be able to catch between 2 or 3 cm of fabric. The more your shirt is too wide, the less it will be tight.
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