How do you wear a cap in style?

As any fashionista will tell you, there's nothing like going out wearing an original device. In vogue since the 19th century, the cap enhances any outfit. It's an influx of shapes, inclinations and colours to match any occasion. But how to wear it in style?

The cap: which one?

This very trendy device is a headgear equipped with a visor. Much appreciated by both men and women, the cap underlines an elegant and casual look. Wearing a cap has become the daily life of many people who take care of their styles. The choice of the cap depends on the morphology, the style and above all the model to adopt. Over the centuries, the cap has undergone an unparalleled revolution in terms of its shape. From the traditional cap to the streetwear fashion, there are four types of caps:
  • The Irish beret;
  • The navy or flat cap is the timeless hat;
  • The gavroche or beret cap is synonymous with revolt;
  • The Hatteras or the legendary cap with an 8-sided shape.

Stylish with the right model

The traditional cap is the main basic form of headgear. A variety of shapes have emerged in recent years. To wear a curved cap, you need a thin face. In contrast to the flat cap, a round face and a larger head are better suited. As far as style is concerned, an exclusively sporty look complements an urban style. This style is inspired by the street with a relaxed and colourful look. For a more stylish look, a sporty/select clothing attitude works. A man can wear a polo shirt with jeans and a jacket. Also, a jogger with a sports shirt is perfect for a stylish look, not forgetting the cap of course.

Elegant with the right outfit

The army cap amplifies a classic and elegant look. Despite its military style, many women easily wear this cap in summer or winter. A pair of linen trousers with a dark shirt will be undeniably elegant. Some women prefer to combine the cap with boyfriend jeans and a nice top. The gavroche is easy to wear. Suitable for a round face, it looks great with a simple but classy outfit. Dressed in jeans, a plain shirt and wearing a beret cap is worth a touch of elegance.
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