Swimming costume: which model for which destination?

How can you be at the cutting edge of fashion at the beach? Since each destination has its own style of clothing, it is important to think about the outfits you will take with you. One-piece or two-piece swimming costumes, favour swimming costume models that will enhance your silhouette. Here's how to choose a swimming costume according to your holiday destination.

Under the Côte d'Azur sun

Are you heading for the French Riviera? Let yourself be tempted by a wide variety of swimwear as the French Riviera offers a multitude of choices in terms of style. Your beachwear will depend on the style of holiday you are looking for. For a stay in Saint-Tropez, for example, adopting a bohemian chic look will allow you to blend in with the hippie atmosphere that reigns in this city. You can transform yourself into a new generation hippie by wearing a bohemian-style swimming costume with braiding, beads, pompoms and embroidery. But the Côte d'Azur is also the elegance and glamour of Cannes. So, choosing an ultra-feminine swimming costume with a sensual touch will put you in the shoes of a fatal beauty at the water's edge.

Stay in the Basque Country

Do you want to face the Belharra, one of the biggest waves in Europe? Visit the Basque Country, the surfers' paradise. Here, the style is more sporty, but is still hot. Opt for an outfit that will stand up to any challenge, that doesn't escape in the middle of the sea. You can choose a shapely one-piece swimming costume, ideal for learning to surf. A two-piece brassiere model is also ideal for playing volleyball on the beach. For sunbathing, plan a bikini with a bohemian and sporty look.

Escape to Brazil

Need to get away from it all? Brazil is a perfect destination for a complete change of scenery. A country of sunshine and exoticism, Brazil advocates the cult of the beautiful body. Over there, there's no room for one-piece swimwear. Brazil has its own seaside fashion: the Brazilian swimming costume. Created in the image of the Brazilian temperament, this swimming costume model is more colourful and more indented. Seductive, it has the shape of a triangle or bandeau bikini which only conceals the essential. This outfit goes with a mesh or net beach dress to cover the body without hiding anything.
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