A few tips on how to match colours when getting dressed

Whether it's for a special occasion or to go to work, you probably hesitate to wear different colours in your outfits. However, colours brighten up your clothes because they bring a touch of originality to every style. Marrying colours together is an art. Even if you are not a born artist, matching colours in a look is not so difficult. On the contrary, having fun with colours is a real pleasure, just follow a few tricks when matching colours in clothes.

Place the different types of colours properly

There are four types of colours: neutrals, dark, flashy and light colours. Knowing where to place these colours is not always easy. Therefore, you should know that there is a golden rule when it comes to colour matching clothing. Dark colours, such as black and grey, are for trousers, shorts and skirts. In fact, dark shades will help to lengthen and slim all body shapes. As for light and flashy colours, they are ideal for tops to brighten your complexion. You can thus combine a dark colour for your trousers with a top in a vitamin-rich shade. This will make you look simple but elegant. As for neutral colours, as the name suggests, they can bring out any hue.

Avoid wearing three different colours in the same outfit.

This tip is very important if you don't want to look like a Christmas tree. Accumulating three different shades will unbalance your silhouette. To be sublime, it is highly recommended to combine a solid colour with print. So combine two neutral tones with a strong colour or vice versa. Then, associating colours in clothing also means knowing how to play with colour contrasts. Wear a light tone on a part of your body that you want to highlight and opt for a darker shade on the part you want to hide.

Adopt the monochrome technique

The monochrome technique consists of assembling a base colour with similar shades. Examples are aniseed green with apple green and duck green or navy blue with royal blue and petrol blue. The combination of colours in clothing can bring out the monochrome style and is a real treat. The interest is to create a harmonious gradient by mixing several tones in one look. Shades of colour can also considerably lengthen the silhouette. You can also combine a whole range of pastel shades in the same outfit, such as: nude pink with nude brown and light salmon.
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