Which coat to highlight its shapes?

A coat for every figure! Most women have a coat collection in the dressing room. This piece, long or short, comes to warm up in the early morning whatever the season. For a unique everyday style with a coat on the back, select the model that enhances your dream body.

Which coat for the thin sizes?

Choosing a coat according to your body shape is of great importance. You will have the opportunity to sublimate your physical appearance by highlighting the best parts of your body. At the same time, the coat can help you camouflage your body's imperfections. With small legs, a short or medium-length coat is preferable. This way, your silhouette will be more elongated. You can choose a model close to the body to show off your pretty, flat stomach. On the other hand, XXL coats will only spoil your style. In the winter, opt for high boots or ballerinas if you want to protect your feet from the cold.

Which model for plump women?

Choosing a coat is not to be taken lightly. The cut and colour of the coat will determine your look. Have you put on a few pounds? It is possible to conceal your bulges with the help of a coat. Choose plain-coloured models. Check or floral patterned coats may accentuate your roundness. If you are planning to wear a coat for an important reception or party, cheat with the shoes. Court shoes or high-heeled boots will be a perfect match for your outfit. Avoid scarves or mufflers, which will add volume to your upper body.

Coats for women with large breasts

Whatever your silhouette, adopt a bathrobe style coat if you have a large bust. In fact, you're better off leaving your chest visible for a better coat shape. Wear a neckline or bustier underneath the warm garment for a flawless look. To get back to work on a daily basis, To mark your hip, choose a coat that is not too tight. It is best to tie the belt of the garment to your hip. If you are less than 1.50m tall, it is recommended that you choose a short coat. Find your coat at an online fashion shop. You will only need to order the original specimen that is appropriate for your silhouette and within your budget. You will benefit from home delivery as soon as possible.
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