How to wear the high waist trousers?

High waist trousers have become one of the clothes most worn by women. Whether it's a skinny, a working girl, a boyfriend or a mom jeans, this type of outfit can suit all morphologies and all occasions. However, you must know how to choose it and wear it well. How do you do it? Here are a few essential tips to be both chic and elegant in high-waisted trousers.

Wear a belt

You will find high-waisted jeans in the shops with a band that you just have to tie. This serves as a belt. However, if the trousers don't have any drawstrings, it's advisable to wear a belt to optimize your style and have a more refined look. However, avoid choosing models that are too thick. This could ruin your outfit. Thin belts are preferable. As far as colour is concerned, it depends entirely on your tastes. In general, if you choose black or dark blue jeans, any colour will be perfect to enhance your look and wear the trousers high without missing a beat.

Always choose to tuck in your top

In order to wear the high waist trousers correctly, it is advisable to tuck in the top, whether it is a t-shirt, shirt or small jumper. The high waist is designed to show the curves and especially the buttocks. This is one of the reasons why many girls prefer to wear crop tops. Short tops go perfectly with high-waisted trousers. If your stockings are not the most generous, don't hesitate to wear a model with darts or pleats. Gathers are also perfect to give your silhouette more substance. You can also tie your top by making sure that it stops right on top of your jeans.

Boots and barefoot are better than tennis shoes.

One of the main characteristics of high-waisted trousers is certainly their elegance. To avoid a too casual style, it is best to wear boots or sandals and ballerinas. You can also wear derbies, but as far as possible, avoid tennis shoes and trainers. If for some reason you only want to wear converts and shoes like these, make sure they make your legs feel longer and not the other way round. It is important to give a balanced look to your morphology. There is nothing better than heels and boots to wear high waist trousers properly.
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