Fashion: let's talk about the latest trends!

Style, fashion and taste

Trends go and come back! Fashion forces the tastes of the masses, but it never prevents a person from falling in love with a particular item.

fashion and taste
Women's fashion

Women's fashion, be resplendent!

Let your style be your guide

Ladies, whether you’re in business attire or evening wear, you’re still a woman! Women’s fashion always has something to offer you. Events such as fashion week are there to help you. There is only one rule: look your best! Depending on your favourite style, furnish your dressing room so that you can express your personality at all times, more on

The "gender-free" fashion boom

The walls that separate women’s and men’s fashion are gradually fading away. Gender-free fashion is becoming massively seductive. Many fashion designers are already presenting the concept in fashion shows and various events. But this fashion is becoming more popular in our society, in everyday life, where young people (and sometimes even old people) are beginning to make no distinction between the sexes in their choice of shoes, jewellery and colours of clothing.

- Let's talk about accessories that give style -

Items that "complement" your style


Jewellery, for a fancy look

Under the sun or in the spotlight, surf the major new trend of stacking jewellery; it allows you to have a look that reflects luxury.

Printed shoes, try it on!

Leopard print trainers, crocodile print tap dance shoes, … This fashion for printed shoes is an inexhaustible source.


Handbag, the must-have item

The handbag is the most important fashion accessory. An outfit would be incomplete without it.


XXL luxury, elegance for all sizes and shapes.

XXL fashion: being elegant while keeping it simple

Fashion for strong, plump women

A chic look and large fashion collections

Fashion that is also gaining its place among women in small sizes

XXL fashion items are often discreet. But they bring out all your elegance. Plus size fashion is a gold mine for round, strong women.

But nowadays, the luxury fashion like IRO PARIS fashion is no longer only for tall people. It has become a luxury fashion adopted by people in small sizes too. It has become a simple way to look chic. Of course, women with generous shapes are always at an advantage.

Men's basics for effortless styling

Fashion for men in all its splendour.

Leather jackets are a fashion must-have.

Raw or slightly faded jeans

The white shirt gives an elegant touch

The genuine black leather belt

Men’s fashion has undergone a great evolution over the years. Virility is not represented in the same way in different eras.

Men don’t need to spend huge sums of money to be elegant. It is enough to respect the “masculine basics”.

Fashion for men
Fashion in adolescence

Fashion in adolescence

The essentials to have in your wardrobe when you’re a teenager.

Trendy jeans in cool designs

Flat shoes for comfort

The leather jacket, which is still relevant today.

The sweatwear or hoodie

Sporty trainers with a sporty look are a real eye-catcher

Appearance is very important in the life of a teenager. He builds an identity. Fashion therefore has a big role to play in this period of life.

The way we choose clothes depends on taste and what we want others to perceive about us. Adolescents are therefore required to filter what they keep in their wardrobes. Fashion is also a sign of belonging to a group, especially during adolescence. Having said that, “teen basics” remain a must, whatever the taste.

- Emphasize the expression of your look -

7 fashion tips to add style to your looks

There is a certain level of boldness to have if we want to express ourselves through our clothing. Every choice of colour, fabric and size counts.

Dare the colour

You have the right not to blend in from time to time. Stand out from the crowd with bright colours.

Baskets with a dress

It’s a stylish, chic and trendy way to have a casual look. Women love this kind of practical and distinctive outfit.

Tie your scarf

The scarf remains a trendy fashion accessory for all ages. There are a thousand and one ways to tie them.

Roll up your jeans

Caravanning is an art in its own right! It is an essential part of the “cool-attitude”. Rolling up your jeans gives style.

Belt everything

Simple belt, maxi belt, belt on coat, belt to tie… Belts can complete the whole outfit and makes you look fashionable.

Try layering

The main purpose of layering is to give a cool, avant-garde look. Getting the right layers on together is a sort of styling puzzle.

Think about fancy tights!

The fashion trend that comes back every winter

- Men's fashion -

These 3 fashionable details that are scaring us!

Rolled sleeves

A rolled sleeve is often the detail that makes the difference. Also, it’s a way to get your favourite shirts out of the wardrobe anyway, even if it’s too hot.

The fitted T-shirt

Indispensable in the men’s wardrobe, they are the best clothes that allow you to show everyone that your workout has paid off.

The well-tailored suit

A decent suit should always be the right size, with buttons at the right height and clean shoulders. It should not sag in a natural position.